Dear HABA and InPEAT Members,

We want to keep you informed as we seek to complete passage of a licensure bill this year.

HABA and InPEAT worked together in the Fall to craft an updated bill. With the help of our lobbyist, the new version has now been submitted and is available to view here:

Note that the bill was created from the updated APBA Model Licensure Act. If you have questions about the bill, you may want to first view that template for insights on what the bill says.

The Model Licensure Act can be found here:…/pdf/APBA_ModelLicensureAct_Aug20.pdf

We are continuing to gather materials and resources necessary to help this process go smoothly. You may receive messages from us in the next couple months, asking for your help in providing information or asking for your help reaching out to state legislatures. Please help as much as you are able. While we were the first state to pass an autism insurance mandate, there are already 30 states that are licensed in the US.

Finally, like last year, we ask if you have any questions that you reach out to the respective organizational leaders of HABA or InPEAT for answers. We did a wonderful job last year of remaining a united front, which is one of the reasons the bill got so far. If you have questions or comments, we are more than happy to hear them and will provide you with as much information as possible.


Vincent LaMarca, Licensure Committee Chairperson